Helene Weber is always on top of my title work, flagging issues for me so that I can resolve them before they will impact a deal. She almost always answers my calls directly (it’s my Bat-Phone to Helene!) or swiftly returns my call when I leave a message. Similarly, her email responses are always timely and helpful. I get positive feedback from clients, regularly, about how helpful she is. There have been days when I’m losing my mind, and she talks me off the ledge! I swear, more than once, she’s unknowingly stopped me from throwing my hands in the air and quitting solely because of a conversation that calms me down and reminds me that I’m not alone and I’ve got her by my side in the trenches. In sum, Helene makes my job easier and my life in real estate a heck of a lot friendlier. Basically, I want her by my side until the day she retires. I can’t imagine doing this job without her.

I also need to shout out to Julie and Amanda at the Executive Parkway office who are spectacular to work with. I adore both of them, and am fully confident that Jody’s closing is going to go as smoothly as it can with either of them there. They are supremely professional, even in the most awkward situations (and there have been a few!), and I’ve never seen either of them crack under pressure!

Denay Knope
RE/MAX Preferred Associates